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  Hardware Development ( Application )

HDD is a technical research and development department based on electronic products, the main products involve contact & contactless IC card machine and appliance. HDD undertakes the development and application of diversified industrial control system including IC card machine and appliance, LED electronic screen, communication, image transportation, image broadcasting and so on. HDD owns a young and conscientious team with technical backbone. They have developed a series of high tech and high quality products successfully relying on their technical capability, professional craft and active attitude to learn all the advanced technology in the world.

Contact and Contactless IC Card Machine and Appliance

HDD has developed and batch manufactured approximately 1000 sets of IC Card Tax Declaration and Remote Tax Declaration Terminals, more than 20 sets of IC Card Gateway Entrance Guard Instruments. Also HDD has developed the contactless IC card entrance guard system successfully. According to the application scopes of contactless IC card, HDD has produced the related products including entrance guard series, toll series and attendance record series, which are used in traffic, gas station, parking, supermarket, attendance record and food sale system.

City Street Lamp Management System

Adopting the electrical wire frequency-extended carrier wave communication technology, HDD has developed the Street Lamp Management System that can automatically check and remote switch street lamps. This system allows users to check the status of street lamps automatically and control the switch of single/partial/total street lamps.

LED Screen Display System

LED Screen Display System includes indoor and outdoor series. With professional technical development personnel, HDD has developed and batch produced types of indoor and outdoor LED electronic display screens for nearly one thousand square meters, which are equipped in store, bus stop, airport, hotel, conference center, stock exchange and so on.

HDD’s products are applied in the traffic, finance, taxation, power supply, bank and hospital industries of many cities including Dalian, Shenyang, Shenzhen and so on. Among which, the city public traffic one-card-for-all system and street lamp intelligence management system play a significant role in the city intelligence construction.

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