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  Hardware Development ( Application )

City Street Lamp Remote Control System

The road lamp management system of city road lamp, utilizing power line span spectrum carrier technique, automatic inspects and remote control lamps on the line. The system add no cost for extra cables, yet, the road lamp management system automatically sense the working state of lamps, on/off status, to control certain one/certain/whole part of road lamps.


l Dynamically supervising and measuring city road lamp network. The central control center it is able to know the switching state and damaged condition of each road lamp.
l The control center is able to carry out switching control on one, one part or whole part of road lamp at any time.
l It is able to establish automatically in certain time sections to enable double lamp with single lamp lightening and opening lamp at interval of poles, economizing electric energy.

LED Outdoor Color Screen Display System

The LED outdoor full colors displaying system consists of three original colors - red, green and blue, which is able to display clear natural true colors under the shining of sunlight. In this system, multi-media technique with powerful functions is employed to enable the system to display real time TV or video recording. It also features the ability to overlay 2-dimentional/3-dimentional computer animated picture to the video signal. It is suitable for use in information displaying and commercial advertising in the commercial zone, exhibition center, gymnastic gymnasium, amusement center, commercial market, station, airport and wharf etc. It characterized as lower consumption, long life, all weather and thus can be placed on any spot.

LED Indoor Screen Display System

The indoor LED displaying system, resulting from a series of engineering steps high-tech procedures, includes LED screen, interface unit, computer and peripheral equipment. It receives, stores, processes and broadcasting. This new propagating media takes TV, video recording, VCD and computer picture as the signal source and gives simple, convenient and directly broadcast effect. It is best suitable for use as indoor commercial advertising and displaying and propagating of all kinds of information in places of commercial market, station, air port, wharf, hotel, conference center, exhibition hall and stock exchange.

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