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  Digital Radiation Treatment
  Hardware Development
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  System Integration
  Data Processing
  Virtual Reality

  Digital Radiation Treatment

A Brief Introduction to the Department of Digital Radiation Treatment (DDRT)
DDRT, with 27 technicians, was established in 1999. The stuff is a professional group of radiation physics, computer science, graphic and image process, auto-control, precise mechanics design, physic image and radiation treatment, in which there are 6 technicians with doctor degree, 11 with master degree, the others with bachelor degree.

The orientation of DDRT is developing large-scale digital physic equipments, which involve hospital radiation diagnosis equipments, tumor radiation treatment equipments, physic images’ collection and transportation and process technologies, radiation physic examination technologies and equipments, etc. The main product at present is the Dynamic Multi-Leaves Raster Conformal & Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy System. This technology was esteemed by the radiotherapy specialists as a revolution to the radiotherapy history. The research work of this system acquires the aid from the National 863 Plan.

DDRT is also developing the Digital X-ray Image System, Image Storage and Transportation System (PACS) and so on. The stuff is endeavoring to provide more hi-tech platform for Chinese physic industry.
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