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International air cargo transportation management system

International air cargo transportation management system is a set of information management system being rich in function and friendly in user interface. It includes import and export bill of lading management, warehousing cargo transportation management, financial affairs statistics management and report generation and printing management. It developed according to the requirement on business of the air transportation Agency Co. with advanced Client/Server platform and using Power Builder 6.0 and relational database SYBASE 11 For UNIX.

Hospital comprehensive information management system

Hospital comprehensive management system is developed according to the requirements on standardization of management by the medical treatment sanitation units. Its functions include statistics on amount of work in medicine warehouse, traditional Chinese and western medicine bureau, pricing, registering, cashier, hospitalization, hospital financial affairs, equipment, machinery, department work and inquiry by president of hospital. It features convenient and rapid in collection of information, flexible in way of investigation and inquiry, and GUI interface is more benefit for the users to understand and to use.

IC card tax affairs system

The IC card tax affairs system is taking the IC card as data carrier in substitution of the paper reports in the past. The taxpayer records the tax affairs reporting data into the IC card through IC card tax affairs reporting machine. Two ways reporting - by IC card report or by telephone line report. Being electronic, transfer of data is safe, reliable, fast and labor saving. Therefore it is widely welcome by the taxpayers and tax collection organizations. Our Company has one installation in the tax affairs system of Tianjin, achieving good social benefit.
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