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Education and Training Center is situated at the golden section of "Northern Pearl" Dalian urban district, about 20 minutes drive distance apart from airport or railway station, and only 5 minutes of drive to the seaside.

The Education and Training Center has its foothold on the Northeast and faces the whole country and makes great efforts to become the first five-star Hi-Tech training center in China. We have built 3 domestic first level broad-band multimedia training classrooms, 1 testing room, 1 displaying room for network solution. Combined with training, experimenting, testing and displaying and commercial affairs together, the total area is nearly 500m2. There are 4 administrators, 15 dedicated or part-time teachers. We provide overall service on training, experimenting and testing for students coming from all over the country.

The aim of the Education and Training Center is:
1. Standard professional certification training for internal staff;
2. To provide high-tech training for the client and to perfect the service system of the Company;
3. Taking hardware manufacturer as backings, general agents as supporters and with many kinds of forms of concentrating training and visiting training , face the IT personnel of the whole country and to develop professional certification training.

The Education and Training Center is the alliance cooperation partner authorized by the Beijing Milkyway Network Education Center and the education center authorized by the Microsoft, Novell,Lotus, Cisco, Oracle, Compaq and Sun. The America Sylvan Prometric Co authorizes the testing center. It has successively developed training on courses of Novell(CNE, MCNE, CNI), Microsoft (MCPS, MCSE, MCSD), Lotus ( CLP SA, CLP AD), Cisco (CSE, CPE, CCNA, CCDA) and training for certification test authorized by many big names such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Nortel (Bay), Compaq, IBM, Sun, HP.

Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
TEL     : 86-411-39721288
FAX     : 86-411-39721266
P.C.     : 116025
E-mail : [email protected]
Add     : No.51 Xinda Street, Qixianling Industrial Base, Hi-tech Zone,Dalian,China
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